Cover Slips(22 X 22mm) hover image

Cover Slips(22 X 22mm)

Purpose:- Making collection microscope observation of specimens;- Making the object under observatio..


Staining Rack hover image

Staining Rack

Durable, resistant to chemicals and corrosion, and easy to cleanHolds slides 3"L x 1"W, 1.5"W, or 2"..


Test Tube Rack TTRL6616(Stainless Steel) hover image

Test Tube Rack TTRL6616(Stainless Steel)

Description:Dimensions (mm) : 319W x 182D x 50HConstruction : 1.00 mm stainless steelNumber of holes..


Wire Loop Holder hover image

Wire Loop Holder

DescriptionThis inoculating loop holder has a collar to hold the loop and is 208mm long with an insu..


Beaker 1000ml hover image

Beaker 1000ml

Useful for liquid measurement, these beakers are graduated and provided with spouts for easy pouring..


Capillary Tubes(heparinized/plain) hover image

Capillary Tubes(heparinized/plain)

Capillary tubes for microhaematocrits are used for the centrifugation of blood samples.Heparini..


Conical  Flask 1000ml hover image

Conical Flask 1000ml

This 1000ml PYREX® narrow mouth Erlenmeyer flask with a heavy duty rim is made from low expansion, T..


coplin jar hover image

coplin jar

Constructed of durable polypropyleneAccommodates up to 10 slidesAutoclavable..


Neubauer Counting Chamber(Bright-Line)

Neubauer Counting Chamber(Bright-Line)

Made of one piece of optical glass w/clampsDouble net rulingDepth 0.100 mmVolume 1mm2: 0.1 uLAr..


Test Tube Rack(Plastic)

Test Tube Rack(Plastic)

Product DescriptionMade of plastic , lightweight, convenient to carryDetachable, convenient to store..


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