Cover Slips(22 X 22mm)

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- Making collection microscope observation of specimens;
- Making the object under observation forming a thin film, easy to transmit light, easy to observe;
- Make the specimen is relatively fixed;
- Facilitate to use capillary phenomenon, to make add all kinds of reagents(Dye, acid, salt solution) forming a gradient;
- To avoid sample contamination.
Material: Glass
Size(approx): 22 x 22mm
Thickness: 0.13-0.17mm
Color: Transparent
Quantity: 100 Pcs/small box
- Special material for high quality coverslips, good transparency and good workmanship;
- Moisture proof shockproof independent vacuum packaging;
- Good replacements and articles for school laboratory.
Package Included:
100 Pcs x 22*22mm Microscope Cover Glass

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