Hemotype SC Genotype Rapid test Kit

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HemoTypeSC™ is a rapid test kit for the determination of hemoglobin type in whole blood. 

This test provides point-of-care detection of hemoglobin phenotypes HbAA (normal), HbSS and HbSC (sickle cell disease), HbCC (hemoglobin C disease), and HbAS and HbAC (carrier or trait)

  • Highly specific and ultra-sensitive monoclonal antibodies for hemoglobins A, S, and C
  • No interference from fetal hemoglobin
  • Test strip dimensions: 4mm x 75mm 
  • No liquid buffer components and no refrigeration required
  • Stable in high heat
  • Overall sensitivity and specificity >99%, with 100% accuracy for detecting sickle cell anemia, in low-resource 

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