12 buckets MF 80-2 centrifuge

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Mf 80-2 centrifuge is a 12-tube table-top motor-drive centrifugal machine that has the advantages of good looking appearance. The machine is suitable for qualitative analysis in clinical and biochemical laboratories and for preparation of serum, plasma, urea and vaccine as well


Convenient Control Panel - Two rotating panels of centrifuge machine provide convenient controlling on time and speed, you can adjust proper time and speed for your various demand.
Fixed-angle Rotor and Multiple Holes - The fixed-angle design of electrical centrifugal machine has the advantage that lacks of moving parts in the rotor, it can put lower stress to the metal, which can prolong it using life time. And multiple holes for you to choose.
Dustproof Cap - Dustproof cover can effectively prevent the tubes of centrifugal machine from being dirty, at the same time, it also can decrease noise made by high speed of rotor.
Wide Usage - Centrifuge machine can be used in various fields such as biology, medicine, chemistry, food, education, beauty, life science, and so on.
Type: Centrifuge Machine
Product Size: 28.5*31*26.5
Power Supply: Ac 110V 60HZ
Centrifugal Capacity: 20ml x 12
Motor Power: 40W
Relative Centrifugal Force: 2350 x g
Timing Range: 1-120 min or to often open

Package Content:
1 x Electric Centrifuge

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