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Fine Care system is based on Fluorescence Immuno Assay . Real POCT system for rapid quantitative analysis . All the parameters can perform with Whole Blood and few parameters can perform on serum / plasma and urine also. Fine Care has wide menu for Critical care , Cardiac , Diabetes , Renal injury , Fertility , Infection , Coagulation,Hormones , Tumor Markers etc. It is easy to perform test on Fine Care . Mono Test Reagents contains one Cartridge and one buffer . Each kit contains 25 Tests with a unique ID chip meant for assay and calibration data. Master curve concept for Calibration . No need of extra calibration . Simple procedure for all the parameters . Normal standard test and Quick test facility available for all parameters to save assay time . LCD touch screen , inbuilt printer and LIS connectivity available. Calibration and Test result memory for better management . Main parameters are HbA1c , PCT, TropI,D-Dimer,CRP+ hsCRP, MAU,NT-proBNP,HFABP,Beta hCG,PSA,etc. New introductory parameters are T3,T4,TSH .

I/O :
LCD touch screen : 3.5”
Printer : built-in thermal printer
Information input : touch screen, barcode reader
Record storage : 10,000 records
Interface : RS232, USB,

Test items :
Infection Markers: CRP PCT
Cardiac Markers: NT-proBNP, Troponin I, Myo, CK-MB, H-FABP, 3 in 1
Diabetes and Renal Injury Marker: HbA1c MAU Cys-C
Tumor Marker: AFP PSA
Coagulation Marker: D-Dimer

Advantages :

· Instant result

· Reliable accuracy

· Powerful information management

· Unique quick mode

Physical Parameters :

Dimensions : 250(L) x 258(W) x 104(H)mm
Weight : 2.5kg
Power adapter : 100-240C, 50-60Hz

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